• Why GFS?

    The GFS team is a combination of producers, facilitators, analysts, accountants, investigators and multi-skilled consultants, all working to find solutions for your project, anywhere in the world.

    GFS Risk Assessments have assisted productions worldwide to achieve their objectives safely and predictably.

    GFS is unique in having its roots in TV and Film production. This gives us first-hand experience of the realistic issues facing production throughout its entire lifecycle, from conceptualization to distribution.

    GFS provides an industry-recognized Certificate of Risk Assessment and License following the completion of the Risk Assessment process.

  • Why do I need a Risk Assessment?

    All productions are subject to some level of risk. Understanding your risk is the first step in your risk management process and reduces the likelihood of a negative outcome occurring.

    A comprehensive Risk Assessment process enables your production stakeholders to protect their brand and build in organizational resilience through the early identification of primary risk and the effective management of residual risk. It can also assist in creating a greater predictability for budgets and insurance costs.

  • What will a GFS Risk Assessment provide?

    GFS Risk Assessments analyze all aspects of a production, and provide recommendations to help mitigate Compliance, Security, Safety and Medical risks.

    Using our model of IDENTIFY-ASSESS-PLAN-IMPLEMENT, we consider each of your specific risks individually and provide you with actionable steps to control them.

    Our analysis applies to a wide range of stakeholders – legal, insurance, networks – and also personnel on the ground, such as crew, facilitators and other third parties.

    The GFS Risk Assessment offers an industry-recognized Certificate of Risk Assessment and License as evidence of a comprehensive assessment of risk for your production.

    This Certification can assist your project to obtain insurance and provide you and your stakeholders with the assurance that you are meeting an international, best practice risk management standard for your project.

  • What if my project does not need a full Risk Assessment?

    The comprehensive GFS Risk Assessment is the best product for ensuring that you understand the full spectrum of risk that applies to your project, and how to effectively control it.

    However, we understand that each project is unique and the GFS Risk Assessment allows you to order its component parts separately at corresponding reduced rates.

    For instance, for productions that are activity-heavy, a Safety and Medical Risk Assessment may be suitable. For productions traveling to unstable locations, a Security and Medical Risk Assessment may be the more appropriate.

    We also offer the short form, tick-box Risk ID report for projects that are in the development phase, or projects that have lower risk profiles. The Risk ID report identifies applicable hazards that relate to a production's proposed locations, creative objectives and logistics. Priority hazards, or those posing the greatest risk to the production, are also identified.

    Please contact us to discuss your individual Risk Assessment needs.

  • What other Risk Management products and services does GFS provide?

    Global Watch Reports

    The GFS Global Watch Report is an information tool for your production crew traveling to international locations. The GFS Global Watch Report drills down into key geo­political and cultural context, logistical information, and contacts, equipping your people with an understanding of what to expect on location, and assisting them to remain safe and healthy while traveling.

    Plans and Tools

    Our services range from individual plans and reports to the comprehensive GFS Risk Management Plan.

    For example, our Crew Briefing Document is a health and safety and personal security briefing document that you can distribute to your people on the ground, assisting you with fulfilling your Duty of Care as an employer. The GFS Crew Briefing Document can be used to verbally brief your production crew on a daily basis as part of best practice risk management.

    The comprehensive GFS Risk Management Plan (RMP) provides you with all the tools needed to IDENTIFY and ASSESS your production’s unique risk profile, and to effectively PLAN and IMPLEMENT its management – we will tailor your RMP to include the right combination of products and services for your specific needs. The GFS RMP typically includes a combination of the comprehensive Risk Assessment, all risk management strategies and plans, and collation of all relevant certifications and licenses. The GFS RMP also establishes a 24/7 consultation and support process. Our team at GFS HQ also provides you with round­-the-­clock communication and support when you purchase the comprehensive GFS RMP.

    On-location Experts

    Our services also feature the placement of our expert Security, Safety, and Medical Consultants to implement risk management plans and tools on your behalf, anywhere in the world.

  • Do I have to follow the recommendations made in a GFS Risk Assessment?

    The decision whether to implement any of the recommendations is at the discretion of your management.

    In addition, we are readily available to discuss any elements of your Risk Assessment in more detail, including the provision of additional guidance regarding best practice and planning for implementing recommendations in the field.

  • What about Risk Management on location?

    GFS can supply you with the experts that you need to operate safely and securely through our global network of multi-skilled field consultants. Our on-location people are thoroughly vetted and have experience working with productions.

    Our Security people predominantly come from armed forces backgrounds, and have specialist training for operating in a range of higher risk security and conflict zones.

    Our Safety and Medical experts come from a range of different fields, and will be selected for your production. Our safety experts assess and provide oversight for a range of locations and activities, from the Amazon rainforest, to rock climbing in Utah.

  • What Production Services does GFS provide?

    GFS provides production services worldwide through a network of companies and country contacts. We are able to source, place and oversee the full spectrum of logistical elements to facilitate your production.

    In conjunction, we can keep your production safe by providing holistic risk management, including the placement of specialist Security, Safety and Medic personnel.

    • Facilitation
    • Permits and permissions
    • Budget / Accounting
    • Consultants
    • Security, Safety and Medical in the field

    GFS recently provided security oversight for a high profile Network Production, including close protection security for A-list celebrities in locations considered to pose a high security risk .


  • Who has GFS worked with?

    GFS has worked with a wide range of productions and partners over the years, including major Networks and Studios, as well as large charities and organizations. We have contacts at the highest level of government in New Zealand and throughout the world through our global network.

    Please see Introducing GFS and our Projects Page for select examples of our clients and partners.

  • What Security and Investigations services does GFS provide?

    The specialist GFS Security and Investigations team offers comprehensive and industry-­recognised security solutions, tailored to your project.

    Our services range from Close Protection Officers and Security Consultants on location to assist your project, right through to due diligence and investigations on third parties.

    Please visit our Security and Investigations page for further information.

  • Who do you provide your Security and Investigations services to?

    We assist clients from a diverse range of backgrounds to understand and manage their operational security risk, including the Legal, Government, Insurance, Financial, and Film and Television sectors.

  • What experience does your Security and Investigations team have?

    Our Security and Investigations specialists predominantly come from military and law enforcement backgrounds. In addition to the wide ranging experience and qualifications these backgrounds provide, our people also have contacts around the world, providing on-the-ground intel not available to most individuals or organisations.

    All GFS employees and contractors are required to meet the rigorous GFS Standard. This not only requires our people to be appropriately and currently qualified in their fields of expertise, it requires them to meet your expectations, as well as to understand and implement international best practice standards as part of our Duty of Care to you.

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