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Born In The Wild

Born In The Wild is a Lifetime series that follows couples in the United States wanting the experience of “wild birthing” - giving birth in the outdoors, often unassisted. GFS worked with the producer of Born In The Wild, Matador Content, to ensure that a robust risk management framework was in place pre-production, throughout production and post-production. GFS’ services included deploying a Safety Consultant to provide expert advice to production crew on-the-ground during filming in remote Alaska.

As a production executive, I have worked closely with the core GFS team and their various field representatives for over a decade, on all manner of TV production spanning the globe. Whether driving into tornados, navigating wildlife and survival situations, or entering political hotspots, GFS has continually safeguarded our crews and ensured that we could be confident with our production decisions. I recently challenged GFS to advise on a documentary series wherein alternative, high-risk birthing methods are covered in full. GFS worked with us from the outset to address our legal and ethical concerns, in addition to providing an assessment on medical, insurance and safety elements. Without this partnership, we would not have felt comfortable continuing with the development of this series and covering those compelling events. - Leah Culton Gonzalez, EVP Production at Matador Content

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