Risk Assessment

GFS understands production and the importance of protecting your people, assets, brand, and ability to continue producing. We also understand that risk is inherent in producing any kind of content, regardless of your location, environment, or activity. ​Our approach is to transform your risk into an opportunity to realize your creative vision through well-considered risk management.  

With us as your trusted partner, we can identify and assess your risks, create a plan for minimizing inherent risks and managing residual risks, provide expert solutions for implementing your plan on location, and evaluate your success to offer isomorphic learnings for future improvement.​  

Our robust risk management methodology is of an internationally-recognized standard and takes account of your individual circumstances and risk appetite. Every production is unique and every client has a different level of acceptable risk, that’s why we tailor bespoke solutions to suit your needs instead of using stock answers and overly-prescriptive risk avoidance strategies. 

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GFS Services:
  • Risk Assessments

    GFS risk assessments provide you with independent, expert advice on your production’s exposure to risk – from identifying issues that could potentially damage your reputation, to analyzing hazards that could threaten the physical safety of your production crew. 

    Our Covid-19 and comprehensive risk assessments include a certification process to help you to bind your insurance and provide assurance that your production is meeting an international, best practice risk management standard. 

    Covid-19 Risk Assessment 

    Our Covid-19 risk assessment is the first step in managing the risks of Covid-19 to your production. It identifies and assesses the risks based on your creative requirements, and provides recommendations on the policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines (PPPGs) for mitigating and managing them. The risk assessment includes an OverWatch™ Covid-19 location report detailing your location’s Covid-19 status and trends, current restrictions and regulations, and an assessment of when restrictions are likely to ease. 

    Comprehensive Risk Assessment 

    Our comprehensive risk assessment provides a detailed and systematic analysis of your project’s full risk profile. Risk ratings are assigned to each risk so that you, and all the stakeholders of your project, understand the extent of your exposure. Best practice controls are then recommended so that you can begin your risk management planning process.  

    When you order a comprehensive risk assessment, you receive the following six components: 

    1. Executive summary: provides a snapshot of all the risks and recommendations in your comprehensive risk assessment. 
    2. OverWatch™ location report: an outline of key logistical information and geo-political and cultural context to provide your team with a broad understanding of the environment they are operating in and to assist them to remain safe on location. 
    3. Security risk assessment: an analysis of baseline and unique security risks associated your location, planned activities, and logistics, and is particularly important for productions traveling internationally.  
    4. Medical risk assessment: an analysis of baseline and unique medical risks associated with your location, planned activities, and logistics, and takes into consideration access to medical facilities and the prevalence of disease. 
    5. Safety risk assessment: an analysis of baseline and unique safety risks associated with your location, planned activities, and logistics, and is especially relevant to productions undertaking dynamic activities in challenging environments. 
    6. Reputational risk assessment: an analysis of liability relationships, permitting and permission obligationsemployer responsibilities, and unique issues related to your project such as, best practice animal welfare and environmental management standards. 

    Risk ID 

    A Risk ID provides an overview of all of your risks in a tickbox table, giving you a summary of your greatest exposure so that you can identify which risks to assess further. 

    Risk Assessment Review 

    We offer a comprehensive review and gap analysis of an organization or production’s existing risk assessment. 

  • Risk Management Plans

    GFS risk management plans provide a framework for building resilience into your production from development to broadcast. The plans include tailored policies, processes, procedures and guidelines (PPPGs) for effectively addressing the recommendations identified in your Covid-19, security, medical, and safety risk assessments. Once the plan is developed, GFS can deploy consultants to help implement your risk management plans on location. 

    We also develop detailed plans with a best practice framework for mitigating and managing specific risks unique to your creative, such as water safety plans, asset and information security plans, and crisis response plans for disruptive events you may be concerned about. These include natural disasters, medical emergencies, or kidnap and ransom situations. 

  • OverWatch™ Location Reports

    GFS OverWatch location reports provide essential knowledge to production crews traveling to international locations and can help you to decide on which locations to send your production to. The report drills into a location’s geopolitical and cultural context and provides logistical information, such as access to medical services, to equip your team with an understanding of the operating environment that will assist them to remain safe and healthy on location. 

  • Crew Briefing Documents

    GFS crew briefing documents provide the information your health and safety and security personnel need to know on the ground, and assist you to fulfil your duty of care as an employer. The briefing document can be used to verbally brief your production crew on a daily basis as part of best practice risk management or to provide a clear and concise snapshot of the extent of the project’s risk to your production crew as part of the informed consent process. 


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