With offices in Los Angeles, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Indonesia, the GFS production team has assisted productions globally with award-winning success for more than 16 years. We offer full production services and production management consultancy, supported by our worldwide network of strategic partnerships. All of our services are overseen by three-time Primetime Emmy® Award-winning producer and Producers' Guild of America Television Producer of the Year nominee, Julian Grimmond.

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GFS Services:
  • Production Services

    GFS has extensive experience providing full production services in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere around the globe. We are a one-stop-shop that can assist with all practical components of your production, including: budgeting, catering, compliance with local law and regulations, cost reporting, distribution, equipment, incentives and tax information, location scouting, logistics, permits, project management, safety and security. We also supply crew including art department, camera operators, fixers, gaffers, grips, location managers, production managers and production coordinators.   

    Our team includes dedicated producers, directors, researchers, writers, accountants, lawyers and facilitators, and is supported by a large network of trusted contractors around the world. 

  • Production Management Consultancy

    The GFS production team specializes in managing productions around the globe to create familiar business environments for foreign, particularly U.S., clients. By understanding the needs of the studio, network, production company, and producer team, and having intimate knowledge of the local laws, customs, and financial systems, we are able to offer the ideal landscape for TV and film productions anywhere in the world. 

    We have developed strong strategic partnerships at a number of exciting and fresh international production locations, including New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, South Korea, India, Thailand, and the Pacific Islands. The Asia-Pacific region offers an increasingly impressive portfolio of location options that are supported by generous incentives, robust local infrastructure, production-friendly legal environments, and an appetite for your production business.  

    Leveraging our intimate knowledge of how the production pipeline works in this region, we offer the ability to navigate the legal requirements and bureaucratic systems on your behalf. We can connect your production with the right people on the ground or fully host your production with our cost-effective one-stop-shop, production services capability. 

  • Remote Services

    The show must go on, that’s why our production services team is available to virtually assist with your production, anywhere in the world. With a strong and established global network, we can deploy and remotely manage the best people to serve your production needs. 

  • Location Assessments

    In the development or pre-production phases, our on-point location assessments take the research burden off you, so that you can focus on the creative. We collate information from any location on incentives, tax implications, currency, employer obligations, logistics, production infrastructure, climate and terrain, and relevant geopolitical issues into a document that you can use to assist on decisions about creative and budget. 

  • New Zealand

    We have extensive experience filming across all parts of New Zealand and are uniquely placed to assist your production in making the most of all that New Zealand has to offer: stunning and diverse landscapes, world-renowned production crew and facilities, and incentives for international projects.  

    With in-depth and longstanding strategic relationships across most private and public sectors, and special access to fresh and exciting locations that can give your production an edge, we are the first point of call if you are considering a production in New Zealand. 

  • Australia

    Whether you are looking for extraordinary characters, gritty city scenes, epic landscapes or unusual wildlife, Australia has it all. We have filmed the country from coast to coast, city to outback, and offer a large library of location images and footage to explore.  Our team is well-connected to assist with talent searches, as well as location scouting, budgets, and schedules.  

  • Fiji and Pacific

    Global Pacific is a Fiji-based TV and film production services company and part of the GFS networkOur experienced team of producers provide comparative budgets and are available to discuss creative and financial opportunities for your production. 

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  • Indonesia

    GFS Indonesia offers independent advice, analytical rigor, and creative problem-solving to help make your Indonesian-based project a success story. 

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